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At Sea Kayak Academy, our dedication to providing the best sea kayaking experience is reflected in the meticulous selection of our equipment.

We have carefully tested and chosen a fleet of top-of-the-range gear that includes P&H kayaks, Segla gear paddles, and Typhoon drysuits.

Taking pride in maintaining all our kayaks and equipment. Our services extend to fellow sea kayakers by providing a repair and fitting service during their time with us for courses. This ensures that everyone can make the most of their sea kayaking experience with well-maintained equipment and access to professional services. Need repair or perhaps something like a fitted compass? We can do it all email us here to arrange.

Below are the brands we have chosen due to their outstanding quality and durability.

You can purchase any of the kayaks and equipment we use on our courses either used or new.

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P&H Kayaks: Setting the Standard

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our choice of P&H kayaks.

After extensive testing and real-world experience, we’ve found that P&H kayaks consistently meet the high standards of performance, durability, and design that we demand for our sea kayaking courses.

Discover Segla Gear

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Try Segla Gear Paddles

At Sea Kayak Academy, we believe in providing you with more than just top-tier products – we want you to experience excellence firsthand. That’s why, as part of our commitment to enhancing your paddling journey, we offer the opportunity to try out Segla Gear Paddles during our courses.


Why Try Segla Gear Paddles with Sea Kayak Academy?

Hands-On Exploration: Feel the power and precision of Segla Gear Paddles in action. Our courses provide a hands-on opportunity to test these cutting-edge paddles in real-world kayaking scenarios.

Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors, who are passionate about the craft of kayaking, are on hand to guide you through the features and benefits of Segla Gear Paddles. Learn how these paddles can elevate your paddling experience.

Tailored to You: We understand that each paddler is unique. Trying out Segla Gear Paddles on our courses allows you to find the perfect fit for your style, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable paddling experience.


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Ready to elevate your paddling experience? Enrol in one of our courses today and get ready to paddle with the best – Segla Gear Paddles, available at Sea Kayak Academy.

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Typhoon Drysuits: Proven Reliability

The decision to include Typhoon drysuits in our lineup stems from their proven reliability in the most challenging conditions. Through rigorous testing and continuous use, we’ve found Typhoon drysuits to be unmatched in providing the comfort and protection needed for extended sea kayaking adventures.

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Palm Equipment

We’ve chosen Palm for its exceptional range, of cags, spraydecks and rescue gear.

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