Weather & Tide Awareness Day

Weather & Tide Awareness are important skills to be able to choose your kayaking location and timings safely.

Prepare to have your mind opened to maps, charts, and weather forecasts in an enjoyable way.

1 day course

Classroom based

All equipment provided

On-site camping and Accommodation

£105 + 6% booking fee

Details & Itinerary

Here at Sea Kayak Academy, we believe that good trip preparation is essential to a safe journey out on the sea.

Most incidents arise from “unexpected” changes in weather and conditions, this Weather & Tide Awareness course is designed to give you the planning skills you need to make “unexpected” expected and therefore make most incidents easily avoidable.

What we will cover:
  • Weather forecasting; how the weather is created and how to predict what will happen next
  • Tidal planning; what causes tides and how tides going up and down affects their flow along our coastline
  • Safe paddling conditions, how tides and weather interact with our coastline to give us more and less sheltered paddling conditions
  • How to read OS Maps – know where you are at all times!
  • Basic nautical chartwork, key features and how to find tidal flow information
  • Local wildlife, when breeding seasons are and how to reduce our impact on their environment
What you should bring:


Lunch is not provided, please bring your own packed lunch and any other snacks you require for the day/course.

There is a service station within 10 minute drive if you do forget. 

A sense of humour and a thirst for knowledge.

What we provide:

We will provide all charts, maps and equipment you need for the day
Tea, coffee, other drinks and snacks will be provided.

Minimum participants to run: 1

All of our courses are guaranteed to run with only one person booking.

You can book your course safe in the knowledge that it will run, even if it’s only yourself booked on!


Want to know why we’re operating this way?

With many years of experience in the kayaking world and we have all been frustrated when we book a course and make plans around it, only to be told shortly before that the course will not be running due to low participant numbers.

We want to be as customer-focused as possible. We have committed to running all courses even if only one person has booked.

Yes, this does mean we are operating at a loss in these instances, but we think you’ll be so impressed with the service we offer that you will be returning and bringing friends with you in the future!

And it’s a day out at sea doing something that we are passionate about, so we all win!