Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day

Enhance Your Sea Kayaking Adventures with our Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day!

If you own or plan to purchase a sit-on-top kayak, this is the perfect opportunity to elevate your skills and ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience on the water. Join us for a full day of comprehensive training, where you’ll learn about weather conditions, efficient paddling techniques, rescues, map reading, essential equipment, and much more.

Course Highlights:

Duration: 1-day intensive training

All equipment provided for your convenience

Learn essential safety practices for sit-on-top kayaking

On-site camping and accommodation options available

£120 + 6% booking fee

Details & Itinerary

Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day

Enhance Your Sea Kayaking Adventures with our Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day!

If you own or plan to purchase a sit-on-top kayak, this is the perfect opportunity to elevate your skills and ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience on the water. Our Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure your safety on the water. With even a basic understanding, many potential problems can be avoided, allowing you to plan more enjoyable trips with confidence.

Practical Self-Rescue Training:

During the course, we prioritize your safety by providing hands-on training opportunities. One crucial aspect is practicing getting back onto your kayak after a capsize. This exercise enhances your self-rescue skills, boosting your confidence in challenging situations. While not compulsory, this practice is highly recommended to build your resilience and preparedness.

Course Highlights:

Essential Safety Skills:

Our experienced instructors will guide you through a range of essential safety skills to empower you on the water. You’ll learn:

  • Efficient Paddling Techniques: Master techniques to paddle your sit-on-top kayak more effectively, improving your performance and minimizing fatigue.

  • Understanding Wind and Weather Conditions: Gain insights into weather patterns and their impact on your safety and overall enjoyment. Learn how to assess conditions and make informed decisions.

  • Self-Rescue Techniques: Discover effective self-rescue techniques and learn how to assist others in the event of a capsize. Develop the skills to regain control and safely re-enter your kayak.

  • Proper Use of Equipment: Understand the importance of carrying and utilizing appropriate equipment for safe kayaking. Learn about essential gear and how to use it effectively.

  • Safe Towing Practices: Gain knowledge and techniques for safely towing others, ensuring their well-being in challenging situations.

  • Marine Code Awareness: Develop an understanding of the marine code, including maintaining appropriate distances from seals and birdlife during specific times of the year. Gain insights into the importance of responsible wildlife interaction.

  • Basic Map Reading Skills: Learn fundamental map reading skills to enhance your navigational abilities and increase your confidence in planning and executing kayak trips.

  • Dealing with Emergencies: Acquire the knowledge and strategies to handle unforeseen circumstances and emergencies effectively. Be prepared to manage challenging situations with confidence.

Join us for this immersive one-day course, where we’ll cover all of the above topics and more, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your sit-on-top kayaking adventures.

What we will cover:
  • Paddling your kayak efficiently
  • Understanding wind and weather conditions and their impact on your safety (and enjoyment!)
  • Self-rescue and assisting the rescue of others in the instance of a capsize
  • What equipment you should be carrying, why and how to use it
  • Towing others safely
  • Marine code – an awareness of distances that should be kept from seals and birdlife at particular times of the year and an understanding of why
  • Basic map reading skills
  • What to do if it all goes wrong

This one day course involves a journey on which we will cover all of the above topics and more.

What you should bring:

Essential Items to Bring

To ensure your comfort and preparedness during the Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day, please bring the following essential items:

  • Packed Lunch and Snacks: Lunch will not be provided, so please bring your own packed lunch and any additional snacks you may need throughout the day. Please pack them in a suitable container that can be taken on the kayaks, such as a plastic food container.

  • Swimwear: Wear appropriate swimwear that allows for freedom of movement during the practical sessions.

  • Towel: Bring a towel to dry off after water-based activities.

  • Drinking Water: It’s important to stay hydrated, so remember to bring an adequate supply of drinking water.

  • Hat: Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat to shield your face and head.

Weather depended:

  • On Cold Days: If the weather is chilly, bring a jumper or fleece that you don’t mind getting wet. This will help keep you warm during the activities.

  • On Hot Days: On warmer days, you may prefer to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet while kayaking. This can be much more comfortable than wearing a wetsuit. The kayak coach will provide guidance on appropriate attire during the introductory talk.

What we provide:

What We Provide

To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience during the Sit on Top Kayak Safety Day, we offer the following equipment. You can choose to use our provided equipment or bring your own.

Our available equipment includes:

  • Kayaks: We have kayaks suitable for sit-on-top kayaking, ensuring you’ll have a well-suited vessel for the training.

  • Paddles: High-quality paddles will be provided, allowing you to navigate the water with ease and efficiency.

  • Wetsuits: We offer wetsuits to keep you comfortable during water activities. These are particularly useful when the water temperature is cooler.

  • Windproofs: Our windproof jackets help protect you from wind chill, ensuring you stay comfortable in varying weather conditions.

  • Drysuits (in winter): During colder months, we provide drysuits to keep you dry and insulated, offering maximum comfort and protection.

  • Buoyancy Aids: Safety is paramount, so we provide buoyancy aids to ensure your safety and buoyancy while on the water.

  • Tow Lines: We supply tow lines that can be used in emergency or assistance situations, allowing for safe and efficient towing of kayaks.

  • Dry Bags: Keep your belongings safe and dry with our provided dry bags, ensuring your personal items are well-protected during the activities.

Upon your arrival, your coach will discuss the available equipment with you and address any additional requirements you may have. We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and tailored experience.

Minimum participants to run: 1


Guaranteed Course Availability

At Sea Kayak Academy, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. That’s why we guarantee that all of our courses will run, even with just one person booking!

Why We Operate This Way

With our years of experience in the kayaking world, we understand the frustration of planning and preparing for a course, only to be notified at the last minute that it won’t run due to low participant numbers. We want to change that.

Customer-Focused Approach

We pride ourselves on being customer-focused. By committing to run all courses, even with just one person booked, we ensure that you can confidently plan your experience with us, knowing that it will go ahead as scheduled.

Our Investment in You

Yes, running courses with only one participant may mean operating at a loss for us, but we believe in the value of our service. We are confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality of our instruction and the overall experience, which will make you eager to return and even bring your friends along in the future!

A Win-Win Situation

Not only do we fulfil our commitment to providing exceptional service, but you also get to enjoy a fantastic day out at sea, engaging in something we are truly passionate about. It’s a win-win for all!

Taught By Experts

A passionate team that is dedicated to helping customers on their personal journey in kayaking.

Small instructor to group ratios to ensure you get the personal attention you need.

All Kayaking Equipment Included

We can provide everything you need including wetsuits, windproofs, paddles, buoyancy aids and kayaks. Your coach will discuss this with you when meeting you and get anything extra you require.