Seglagear Serpent paddle


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  • Shaft: Crank
  • Pieces: 2 Piece
  • Weight:780g / 29.10oz
  • Ergonomic grip: Nano-coating+ windings
  • Length Range: Adjustable 210cm – 220cm
  • Blade size: 47.5-18 cm
  • Blade Angle: Smart-View Adjustable
  • Blade Surface Area: 670cm2
  • Material: Carbon fibre S700SC 12k+6K
  • Free Protection Bag

A Lightweight Adjustable Mid-Sized Touring Paddle

The companion of the Ultimax but with a bent shaft, adjustable lightweight mid-sized blade kayak paddle perfect for touring and sea paddlers with a mid to high angle paddle stroke.

The Seglagear Serpent is a lightweight adjustable kayak paddle perfectly suited for sea and touring kayaking. With a mid-sized blade, the Serpent offers great on-the-water performance for paddlers looking to take the next step up and enter a higher-level paddle, even for surf and rough sea. With the full carbon fibre added foam-core blades and shaft the Serpent gives brilliant acceleration and manoeuvrability. Seglagear has designed the Serpent kayak paddle to suit a mid to high-angle paddle stroke and give maximum efficiency. The superb buoyancy is a trademark for the Seglagear paddles.

A 2 part full carbon extra grip bent shaft with a lever lock allows for an adjustable ferrule angle as well as an adjustable length shaft giving a length range of 210cm-220cm This makes the Serpent fully adjustable to suit all paddlers and will help paddlers decide which shaft length and blade angle best suits them. The full paddle is sprayed with a special Nano coating making it extra durable. Ceramic coating is an option.

Designed for kayakers looking for a top-level performance, lightweight carbon fibre paddle.


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