Seglagear Mitsuo Paddle


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  • Shaft Option: Straight
  • Weight:800g / 28.21oz
  • No shoulders-hybrid Greenland
  • Length: 220cm
  • Blade Size: 9cm-85 cm
  • Blade Angle: Smart click-push
  • Shaft: Foam core, Super buoyancy
  • Blade surface area: 780 cm2
  • Material: Carbon fibre S700SC 12k+6K
  • Nano coating
  • Reinforced front tip and sides
  • Free protection bag included

The Seglagear Mitsuo is a lightweight, strong, and brilliantly handcrafted hybrid Greenland-style kayak paddle. Made of Toray 12+6K carbon fibre. The front tip and part of the sides are reinforced with extra padding of carbon fibre. This paddle is a 2 part split shaft with push-button joint. With smooth thin rounded blades a sharp water entry, the Mitsuo has a quiet yet precise entry into the water for each paddle stroke due to its very fine blade. The fluent shaft progresses into smooth blade without shoulders to give a really nice in hand feel which makes it easy to use all day. This paddle was designed taking in mind the biodynamic force put onto the shoulders and arms and reducing it. Our state-of-the-art paddle


The Seglagear Mitsuo is a hybrid Greenland paddle perfectly suited for high-performance sea kayaking. With a blended blade, it offers great on-the-water performance for paddlers looking to take the next step up and enter a higher level paddle for bracing, rolling and longer paddle trips. The full carbon fibre smooth blades and fluent shaft gives the paddle a quiet catch and confident stroke. Seglagear have designed the Mitsuo kayak paddle to suit a maximum efficiency. The superb buoyancy is a trademark for the Seglagear paddles

A 2-part full carbon shaft with a new joint connection, which is locked with a simple snap button lock, but can also be taken out to clean. The paddle is now available in 220cm. The full paddle is sprayed with a special Nano coating making it extra durable. Ceramic coating is an option.

Designed for kayakers looking for a top level performance, lightweight carbon fiber paddle.


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