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Segla Gear Taikiu – The Pinnacle of Durability and Endurance

Experience the blend of endurance and precision with the Segla Gear Taikiu carbon fibre bent shaft kayak paddle. Elevate your kayaking adventures with a tool designed to last.


Why Choose Taikiu?

  • Exceptional Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Crafted from premium carbon fibre, the Taikiu paddle is both lightweight and incredibly strong, providing unmatched performance on the water.
  • Built to Last: Designed to withstand the rigours of kayaking, the Taikiu paddle is your reliable companion for prolonged use and harsh conditions. It won’t let you down, no matter how challenging the journey.
  • Consistent Performance: The name “Taikiu” conveys reliability and toughness. Our paddle is engineered to deliver consistent performance, meeting the demands of serious kayaking enthusiasts.
  • Versatile and Resilient: Whether navigating calm lakes or turbulent rivers, the Taikiu paddle is built to handle various water environments, ensuring you can tackle any adventure with confidence.


The name “Taikiu” is inspired by the Japanese word “耐久” (たいきゅう), which translates to “durability” or “endurance.” This perfectly encapsulates the essence of our carbon fibre bent shaft kayak paddle.



Shaft Option: Bent
Pieces: 2 Piece
Weight Grams: 705 gr.
Weight Ounces: 24.86 oz
Ergonomic grip: nano-coating windings
Shaft diam: 29 mm
Length Range: 200 cm to 210 cm
Length Range: 210 cm to 220 cm
Blade size: 44.5-17 cm
Blade Angle: Smart-View Adjustable
Blade Surface Area: 610 cm2
Material: Carbon fibre S700SC 12k+6K

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200cm – 210cm, 210cm – 220cm


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