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Segla Gear Serpent – Glide Through Water with Precision and Power

The Segla Gear Serpent paddle is designed to deliver exceptional performance and comfort on every kayaking adventure.

Why Choose Serpent?

  • Super Strong: Crafted from premium carbon fibre, the Segla Gear Serpent paddle is incredibly strong, ensuring it can endure the toughest conditions and longest tours.
  • Stiff and Accurate: Engineered for high performance, the Serpent paddle offers excellent stiffness and precision, allowing for powerful and accurate strokes.
  • Ultra Lightweight: Despite its robust construction, the Serpent paddle is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to handle and ideal for extended paddling sessions.
  • Bent Shaft Design: The bent shaft design enhances ergonomics, reducing strain on your wrists and shoulders, and providing a more natural and comfortable grip for long-term use.
  • All-Round Performance: Designed for versatility, the Serpent paddle excels in various water conditions, making it a perfect choice for all types of touring.

Experience the ultimate combination of strength, precision, and lightweight design with the Serpent carbon fibre touring Euroblade bent paddle. Elevate your kayaking experience with a paddle built for superior performance and comfort.



  • Shaft: Crank
  • Pieces: 2 Piece
  • Weight:780g / 29.10oz
  • Ergonomic grip: Nano-coating+ windings
  • Length Range: Adjustable 210cm – 220cm
  • Blade size: 47.5-18 cm
  • Blade Angle: Smart-View Adjustable
  • Blade Surface Area: 670cm2
  • Material: Carbon fibre S700SC 12k+6K
  • Free Protection Bag


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