Segla Gear Ngaru


Segla Gear Ngaru – Master the Waves with Precision and Power

Experience the ultimate in wave control with the Segla Gear Ngaru carbon fibre Euroblade paddle. Elevate your kayaking adventures with a tool designed for strength, precision, and lightweight performance. Master the waves with Ngaru.


Why Choose Ngaru?

  • Super Strong: Constructed from premium carbon fibre, the Ngaru paddle offers exceptional strength, ensuring it can withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Stiff and Accurate: Designed for high performance, the Ngaru paddle provides excellent stiffness and accuracy, allowing for precise control and powerful strokes.
  • Ultra Lightweight: Despite its robust construction, the Ngaru paddle is incredibly light, making it easy to handle and perfect for extended paddling sessions.


The name “Ngaru” is derived from the Maori word for “wave.” Our Ngaru carbon fibre wave control Euroblade paddle embodies the strength, precision, and grace needed to navigate and master the waves.


Shaft Option: Straight

Weight Grams: 855 gr.

Weight Ounces:30.15 oz

Length Range: 200 cm to 210 cm

Blade size: 47.5-17.5 cm

Blade Surface Area:670 cm2

Material: Carbon fibre S700SC 6K+3K


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