Segla Gear Narwhal


Segla Gear Narwhal – The Ultimate Aeroglass Greenland Paddle

Experience the harmony of nature and technology with the Segla Gear Narwhal Aeroglass Greenland Paddle. Enjoy effortless paddling with a tool designed for flexibility, durability, and lightness. Elevate your kayaking adventures with Narwhal

Why Choose Narwhal?

  • Stress-Free Paddling: The Narwhal paddle is engineered to reduce stress on your shoulders and wrists, allowing for more comfortable and extended paddling sessions.
  • Flexible and Durable: Made from high-quality aeroglass, the Narwhal paddle offers the perfect balance of flexibility and durability, ensuring it withstands the test of time and tough conditions.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its robust construction, the Narwhal paddle is incredibly light, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre in various water environments.


The name “Narwhal” draws inspiration from the unique and resilient arctic whale known for its long, spiral tusk. Just as the narwhal navigates icy waters, with ease and grace, our Narwhal Aeroglass Greenland Paddle is designed to provide a superior kayaking experience.



Shaft Option: straight-fluent

Weight grams: 810gr

Weight Ounces: 28.57 oz

No shoulders-hybrid Greenland

Length Range: 220 cm

Blade Size: 9 cm-85 cm

Blade Angle: Smart click-push

Shaft: Foam core-super buoyancy

Blade surface area: 780 cm2.

Material: Aeroglass fiber – Nano coating

Replacement rock-tip-material ABS-PC+stainless steel

Front rock-tip: green – black- mint


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