Seglagear Ikigai Paddle


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  • Shaft Option: Straight
  • Weight: 645 gr / 22.75 oz
  • Length: 220cm / 225cm
  • Blade Size: 8.4cm-84 cm
  • Blade Angle: Smart click-push
  • Shaft: Hollow Super Buoyancy
  • Blade Surface Area: 770 cm2
  • Material: Carbon fibre S700SC 12K Nano + ceramic coating

Introducing the all-NEW Ikigai, the ultimate hybrid Greenland paddling experience! Our specially designed carbon fibre construction 12+6k provides the perfect balance of strength and weight. With unparalleled performance and durability, the new Ikigai is designed to help you conquer any body of water.

The carbon fibre material is not only lightweight but also extremely durable, which makes it perfect for intense paddling sessions. The unique Greenland shape and perfection of the blade provide maximum power and efficiency, while the comfortable grip ensures a secure hold.

The paddle is a 2 piece version that makes it easy to handle, and transport.

Experience the ultimate paddling adventure with the NEW Ikigai

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220cm, 225cm


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