Feelfree Day Tourer Paddle – Glass Shaft


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Featuring a lighter weight fibreglass shaft, this paddle is great for those who are looking to paddle all-day long, or for those who just want to use a nice paddle. The fibreglass is also warmer to hold than the alloy shaft paddles. The asymmetric shaped blades offer plenty of power and the polypropylene material of the paddle blade is strong and durable.

The fibre glass shaft has a right hand index grip with drip rings.

Available in a standard one-piece design or a two-piece split paddle with a push button spigot (requires less storage/transport space). The two piece will fit most car boots or hatchback storage areas.

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215cm, 1 Piece, 215cm, 2 Piece, 220cm, 1 Piece, 220cm, 2 Piece, 230cm, 1 Piece, 230cm, 2 Piece


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