USED Feelfree Juntos Sit-on-Top Kayak


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The Juntos! A great boat for all.

USED Sit-on-Top Kayak. Including free deluxe seat worth £59.95.

(Saving £178.95 on the price of new)

The Feelfree Juntos packs utility and performance into one package. With additional space for a child or pet, this kayak is perfect for the paddler who wants to bring along a partner every now and then. It’s also a great solo kayak and includes our Wheel in the Keel for easy transport on your own as well as a pair of rod holders for those times when you just want to sneak off to a fishing spot by yourself.

We use these kayaks daily at Kayak-King and we LOVE them. Perfect for sea adventuring, lakes and calm rivers. Our team have tested hundreds of sit on kayaks and the Juntos comes out on top for performance, stability and price.

With Free Deluxe backrest, Rod holders and wheel in keel!

Ready to enjoy the water straight away. *paddles sold separately

Colour: Purple

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